Huge thanks to everyone who came along to our Wassail gathering on Saturday January 14th. The rain stopped, it stayed dry and we had a really lovely time. It was really lovely seeing so many of you on this winter’s day, thank you for coming along and joining in.
We made toast on the fire, we ate lots of that with parsnip and apple soup and put some toast in the apple trees too (it’s an old tradition to give a gift to the orchard guardians). We made lots of Wassail crowns, they looked fantastic – we wore some and also hung some in the trees. We sang Wassail songs and we beat pot and pans. Hopefully our orchard area is well and truly woken up and we’ll get a good apple crop this year!
Huge thanks also to Marc Richmond for his wonderful fruit tree pruning workshop that took place too and to everyone who came along. So great to have that happening.   A fantastic group of participants.